Eva Meijer

philosopher, artist, writer, and singer-songwriter


Eva Meijer by Robin Haig -

She wrote fifteen books, fiction and non-fiction, and her work has been translated into more than twenty languages. Recurring themes are language including silence, madness, animals and politics. Meijer also works as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Amsterdam (with a Veni grant from the NWO) and Wageningen University.  

Meijer's philosophical work focuses on language (including silence) and social justice. In September 2017 she obtained her PhD cum laude in philosophy with a thesis entitled 'Political Animal Voices' at the University of Amsterdam, which won the Praemium Erasmianum Dissertation Prize in 2018. From 2021-2025 she will conduct postdoc research at the University of Amsterdam with a Veni Grant from the NWO. The project is called The politics of (not) eating animals. She wrote philosophical columns for newspapers Trouw  (2019-2021) and NRC. Meijer has also been chair of the national OZSW animal philosophy working group since 2014. 

Furthermore, Meijer has written fourteen books, which includes but is not limited to Dierentalen (2016), a popular scientific book about the languages of non-human animals and the question of what language actually is. In November 2019, When animals speak: Towards an interspecies democracy, her first academic book, was published by New York University Press. It won the ASCA Book Award in 2020.