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Dog Dinner FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Dog Floortje walking over the dinner table at the end of the Multispecies test dinner of the 17th of Januari 2023. - Luna Thissen, Luna Thissen


Why hold a Multispecies Dinner?

  • The Multispecies Dinner serves a higher purpose of challenging the concept of anthropocentrism and encouraging a more compassionate relationship between humans and dogs. This distinctive dining experience aims to dismantle hierarchical boundaries and foster an inclusive, communicative relationship among various species. The Multispecies Dinner is the initiative of philosopher, artist, and writer Eva Meijer, whose PhD thesis, Political Animal Voices, forms the theoretical foundation of the event.

Will humans and dogs be eating the same food at the Multispecies Dinner at Mediamatic?

  • Yes, the purpose of the dinner is to reduce the hierarchical divide between humans and dogs. To achieve this goal, we will not differentiate between what humans and dogs eat. In addition, we want to demonstrate that dogs can enjoy more than just processed dog foods by providing them with a fine dining experience.

Will the menu of the Multispecies Dinner at Mediamatic be vegan?

  • Yes, at our restaurant Mediamatic Eten, we exclusively serve vegan food. This policy will also apply to the multispecies dinners. Dogs can subsist on a vegan diet, and our chef, Gino Marengo, has created an easy-to-follow recipe that you can prepare at home for your dog (and yourself) to provide an example of vegan dishes that dogs can consume, that you can find here.

What beverages will be available for dogs?

  • There will be an option for a Non-alcoholic drink pairing or the choice of water. 


If your question is not listed above, please do not hesitate to send an email to: inhuman.carnaval@mediamatic.nl.