Meet a Maker - Madeline Schwartzman

26 mei 2023

At Mediamatic, we are lucky to be inspired by the many artists who work and stay with us for exhibitions, residencies and workshops on a daily basis. We are welcoming you to Mediamatic to meet artists and be inspired as well! Meet-a-maker is a 30 min session to have a one-on-one talk with artists currently working at Mediamatic. 



Face Nature - Madeline Schwartzman Madeline Schwartzman , writer, artist, and educator from New York, experiments with morphology, the fusion of human and non-human nature. She animates her body and face with the biomatter she gathers from parks and forests wherever she goes. The Mediamatic biotope will be filled with her video artworks.  Madeline Schwartzman

Are you interested in the interaction between human and nature? Do you want to learn more about the human body and senses? Are you looking for fresh insight on your artistic research? Do you need to talk through a concept, or receive some honest advice on your project? The conversations with Madeline are meant for anyone who has a special interest in the interaction between human and non-human entities. 

During the session, you will have a 30-minute consultation with Madeline to discuss anything relating to your work: any ideas you may have, or challenges you may be facing. You can expect an honest, invigorating conversation, which leaves you with plenty of food for thought.

Madeline Schwartzman

Madeline Schwartzman is a New York City artist, writer, and educator whose work explores human narratives and the human sensorium through social art, performance, book writing, curating, and video making. Her book See Yourself Sensing: Redefining Human Perception (2011) is a collection of futuristic proposals for the body and the senses. See Yourself X: Human Futures Expanded (2018) explores the future of the human head. Her forthcoming book is about hybrids—the intimate interaction between multispecies, human, and non-human entities.

Schwartzman’s experimental art practice titled Face Nature, aims to create a more mutual subjectivity between humans and non-human nature, promoting a healthier coexistence in the Anthropocene. Face Nature includes durational performances where Schwartzman becomes a tree, and photographic portraits and moving images that convey how skin and nature collide and integrate.

Schwartzman recently had a solo exhibition at the Berkshire Botanical Garden in Stockbridge, MA, a residency at Lab Verde in the Brazilian Amazon, and she has an upcoming exhibition at the Re Institute in Millerton, NY. She is a faculty member at Barnard College and at Parsons: the New School for Design.

Madeline's work "Face Nature" will be displayed at Mediamatic from the 27th of May until the 31st of August.


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Madeline speaks English. 

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