Britt Vendel

Program Assistant (she/her)


Photo of Britt Vendel - Photo by Romy Kerkman. Romy Kerkman

Hi, I am Britt!

I finished my Bachelor in Design at Utrecht School of the Arts. My main focus is combining BioArt and natural materials with digital media techniques, like photography, video and illustration. By finding inspiration in ecology, microbiology and the natural world, I create work in which sustainability, non-human perspectives and living art come together. 

At Mediamatic I assisted Arne Hendriks with the Pigeon Tower project: sawing the mycelium blocks, building, observing, researching and illustrating the living towers. Planning, organizing and making illustrations for the Living Tower Talks and the Gentle Disco was also part of my internship. The Tower Trees project was one of my biggest responsibilities. I was in charge of researching the right tree's, choosing save locations, planning the communal digging and the planting of the trees. Besides working on the Pigeon Tower project, my involvement in the exhibitions and events at Mediamatic existed of working on the production, building and presentation design. For the Dinner of the Damned I was responsible for the filming and editing of the aftermovie

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