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Vera Lelie in Mediamatic Aquaponics - Photography: Romy Kerkman Romy Kerkman

Met: Vera Lelie

Vera Lelie (BEPA) is a fashion designer and recent graduate of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. 

About her graduation project 'The Waiting Room', Vera writes: 

When looking at a garment as a space, you see that, like in architectural design, there are many ways in which garments can be made more accessible. My relationship to clothes is shaped by my neurodiverse perception. I mute and extract information in order not to get overstimulated. I create static by fixating shapes and silhouettes as a contrast to my hyperactivity. I hyperfixate on subjects in my research, using my hyper awareness of surroundings to create environments that blur the line: where does a garment begin and a room end? For my graduation project, I take you to the waiting room. Not being able to negotiate time and dates, I am often too late to actually experience the waiting room. I asked AI to describe it to me.

In my research I play into the irony of the many neurodiverse people waiting for treatment in a space they haven't yet learned to navigate. I use the archetypes present in the waiting room to guide you through the neurodiverse experience.


This work will be featured in Mediamatic's 2023 museum night programme, 'Self'


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