Siobhán McGibbon

Visual Artist and Researcher, AromaLab Artist in residence 2024


Portrait of Siobhan - Artist in residence February-March 2024 Vu Ha

Siobhán McGibbon is a Visual Artist, Researcher and World-builder with a transdisciplinary practice. Her expression mutates, merging sculpture, animation, drawing, permaculture and participatory installations.

During her residency at Mediamatic, Siobhán McGibbon aims to explore the transformative potential of scents and pheromones, specifically focusing on creating hybrid human/Japanese knotweed scents and experimenting with other garden actors. Her central inquiry revolves around whether these scents can facilitate non-linear communication between species, opening new possibilities for interconnected experiences.

She envisions her scents as tools for immersive storytelling, seeking to engage the audience in a Xenothopian romance. The residency also provides her with the opportunity to test materials for holding scents, laying the groundwork for potential future sculptural works.

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