Studio Emad Eddin (SEE)

A unique project in the Arab World, Studio Emad Eddin ( SEE ) offers rehearsal, training and residency space to independent troupes and artists in the field of performing arts in Egypt, the Arab World and, in the case of residencies, internationally.


Studio Emad Eddin - Image taken from their website

The aim of SEE is to strengthen the field of performing arts in Egypt, advocating cooperation and trust among artists, a policy of open access and promoting contacts and links among Egyptian, regional and international artists. Studio Emad Eddin is a home for performing artists, especially independent artists. It offers them a meeting point and a window on the art and culture of Egypt and the world, as well as services and programs designed to support and develop the performing arts.

Contact informatie

  • Studio Emad Eddin (SEE)
  • 18 Emad Eddin Street
  • Cairo
  • EG