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I like working on new ideas. Innovation is my passion and work since 1994, trying to find ways for combining newest technologies with the 'here and now' society.

I studied business administration and political science in Haarlem and Amsterdam. I started my professional career as a consultant and project manager in a company specialised in concepts like PDI, PDM, TQM, BPR etc. which is now part of EDS. This is were I learned using newest technologies and management methodologies all come down to common sense. (boerenverstand in Dutch).

After doing some internet projects in 1994 with my friends Jeroen Elfferich and Jacob van Duijn we founded NeltinQ in (1995), which later became NetlinQ group, for which I acted as the CEO. We sold the consultancy part to Framfab (now part of LBI together with Lost Boys and Icon Medialab) when it had grown to 140 people in 2000. Advertising business unit Netplus was sold to Adlink in 2001. In the context of our netevents ' Webvertise' conference I initiated the spinawards in 1998 which today are still the most important prices for the interactive industry. With NetlinQ Group we were partners in over twenty Dot.Com initiatives of which a few survived.

From 2002 onwards I was involved in some old economy activities. I took a kind of a sabbatical form the digital world by co-founding bicycle factory and distributor amazing wheels (

Since early 2006 my focus is again on my work in the interactive industry. I am now the CCO of ExMachina. Ex Machina’s initial technology was created for a project for Amstel Beer in 1998. As an organisation it is a spinout from NetlinQ Group, which happened in 2001. Since that moment it has developed in a great way under the supervision of the former NetlinQ group CTO Jeroen Elfferich. Today Ex Machina is the leading global technology provider for Mobile, Web and Crossmedia (TV!) multiplayer and connected gaming software. EM introduced the next level of TV viewer participation with it’s TV Play along technology early 2007.

My personal focus is now on (co-) developing gaming strategies and gaming concepts for our customers in gaming, broadcast, advertising, education and publishing. Other activities includes participating in R&D activities and visiting/speaking at conferences.


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