Jesse Burkunk

product manager @

Echo & Bounce

Social and user-centered news is my playground @

@ NUfoto you can submit your own newsphoto's. The combined effort of experienced editors and a large group of loyal semi-professional photographers results in hi-quality level content. NUfoto plays a important role in our covering of the daily news.

NUjij is our experimental social news platform a la
@ NUjij readers submit and react on articles they found on the web and vote on items brought in by other readers. The site proved successful direct after launch and promises a bright future for user-participation and personal news aggregation within the news network.

Next to my work I am running my 1-man company BurkWorks, specialized in multimedia production and (interaction)design. Other terrains of interest are cooking, music (activism, discovery. production and perfomance) & (rave ;) culture.