Sanjay Khanna

Writer/HuffPost Blogger - Insight For Creatives During A Time of Global Disruption

Sanjay Khanna delights in cutting through complexity. He is a co-founder of the Resilient People + Climate Change Conference (, the world's first conference to link mental health and climate change, and he is also a climate-change writer and journalist who has contributed to publications such as Nature. His insight serves creatives during a period of global disruption when resource shortages, economic distress, and climate change are forces that must be reckoned with. As Marko Ahtisaari, former Director of Design Strategy at Nokia, once put it, Sanjay has "a gift of synthesis." Sanjay blogs on The Huffington Post at and at Realistic Sanctuary Blog at

As a writer gifted at helping creatives, business leaders, and R&D engineers make sense of complex trends, Sanjay has helped technology companies--including Accenture, Hewlett-Packard Corp., Nokia Corp., Palo Alto Research Center and Yamaha Motor Corp., USA--describe or imagine new uses for ubiquitous computing technologies, mobile devices, robotics, and consumer and enterprise software products.

In Vienna just prior to Picnic07, Sanjay met with leading Austrian designers, architects and entrepreneurs and said that although sustainability has value as a concept, increasingly disruptive climatic and economic changes have led to a paradigm shift from sustainability to survivability.

As sustainability grows increasingly precarious, Sanjay noted, a new generation of designers has the opportunity to develop products and electronic services that inspire the human spirit so that citizen-consumers can adapt to a new global reality.

Design, he said, could provide life support by addressing the inevitable emotional--and spiritual--repercussions of combined economic and environmental shocks that catch the majority of the planet unawares.

To assist organizations with envisioning products and services that offer "Design as Life Support," Sanjay feeds the innovation process by synthesizing the economic, environmental, technological, cultural and business impacts of issues such as:

- Private equity
- Micro-credit
- Online communities
- Web 2.0
- Pervasive computing
- Robotics
- Industrial innovation
- Biodiversity
- Ecology

He is currently developing a creative non-fiction book project that encapsulates key economic, technological, health and social trends/indicators, and thoughtfully explores how individuals can address the twinned forces of economic acceleration and environmental decline.

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