Get introduced to the most creative companies in the cross media industry

Tuesday September 25th 2007, an international cross media hub tour through Amsterdam's old docklands and canals

The Amsterdam based organisations Syntens, Media Guild and KennisKring Amsterdam, organize a creative tour –an evening boat trip- for selected international PICNIC visitors. See completely down for the program.

This tour will provide the guests with a lively impression of Amsterdam as an international cross media hub. Introducing the most creative companies in the cross media industry on-site and on-location, including a visit to the Waag and Pakhuis de Zwijger. The tour will be combined with a market and presentations from incubators all from the database of Sytens and Media Guild.

Among the invitees are international guests from Cathy Brickwood (Virtueel Platform), participants of the Day of the Media Labs, and others.

Title event: Creative tour (invitation only)
Subtitle event: A boat trip through Amsterdam's old docklands and canals
Event partner: Syntens, Media Guild and KennisKring Amsterdam
Date: 9/25/2007
Departure: Westergasterrein
Arrival: Westergasterrein
Maximum capacity (if in theatre setting): 60
Timeslot: 18.30-23.00

Time schedule Event:
18:30 – 19:00 hrs Getting together and register at the boat Westergasterrein
19:00 – 19:30 hrs Pakhuis de Zwijger, Jan Schaeferbrug
19:30 – 20:30 hrs Projectpresentations
20:30 – 21:30 hrs From Pakhuis de Zwijger to Nieuwmarkt - Waag Society
21:30 – 22:00 hrs Presentations
22:15 – 22:45 hrs From Waag Society to Westergasterrein is an organisation that promotes innovation among small and medium sized companies. fosters innovative talent & services in new media and ICT. is a network of companies and organisations active in the knowledge industry.

Supported by, Iamsterdam and

Participating incubators for the market:

Butterfly Works - contact Ineke Aquarius
Butterfly Works is a do-tank which combines design with finding sustainable answers to international social issues. We believe in a multi-disciplinary approach combining design and ethics. This manifests in projects such as Nairobits, digital design school, a children's book and the development of e-learning programs for the one laptop per child laptop. With each project a positive chain of events is started, enlarging it's impact. This has led to international awards and recognition of our projects in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, South-Africa, India and the Netherlands.

EDUTUDE - contact Rik Tuithof
EDUTUDE is specialized in the development of online applications for the Educational market. As an Application Service Provider we provide a compleet learning and communication environment 'Studieweb'. In addition to the learning environment we build learning-content and we support a platform for educational content hosting and sharing. - contact Marcel van der Drift
EverybodyHere combines social software and storytelling to create lively and original communities. Each has its own theme, like insects, rag dolls or fish bait. People are brought together while building their own unique environment. - contact Patrick de Laive
Meet the useful web. The web contains over 4 web pages for every person on the planet. Individually we can only scrape its surface. By combining our knowledge we can create a new and richer surf experience of the useful web. Browse with a collective mind. Discover sites your friends and colleagues visit. This is what the new version of Fleck is about (launching at the end of September).

Grrr - contact Jelmer Boomsma
Grrr is an Amsterdam based design studio for interactive media. In our campaigns and applications we apply interactive principles to print, and common sense to new technology. While we are nuts about technology, design and interesting experiments, we happily maintain a down to earth approach in projects for the country’s leading museums and cultural institutions.

Hadza - contact Siebout van Leeuwen
No need to touch, no need to use a mouse, no need to push any buttons rather only physical movement as the instrument to communicate through the guided the images and corresponding sound that is seen and heard by the recipient: This is the essence of Virtual Touch. With only the movement of your arm can you scroll through a product assortment, start a movie, play games, identify hardware selection, view a presentation or just take a virtual tour. All this is possible and can be accomplished by Virtual Touch. &

The Holy Animator – contact Merel Mirage
Holy is an online animation tool connected to public space through the Holy Internet Vending machine, the first vending machine with a screen and internet connection. Everyone can send his or her animation-clip to this unique machine. The clips are created online with the Holy Animator, an easy-to-use tool that allows anybody to make short animations, using personal pictures, text and sound. New clips are directly uploaded to the Holy archive and visible on the displays of the nine Holy Internet-vending machines. The machinees distribute biological snacks and fair-trade products. This original platform for creative communication gives a dynamic and personal face to our daily environment by presenting the latest animations by colleagues, neighbours or fellow students: people who share a collective environment. 25 communities varying from educational institutions, musea and community centres, to broadcasting stations, companies, campaigns and festivals, have already used the Holy platform successfully. For more details:

ImproVive - contact Roger ter Heide
ImproVive helps companies entertain and engage their customers. We use
games, avatars and community tools to support advertising and
entertainment on the internet. We provide online games as professional
tools to improve communicative and cooperative skills.

Iconaut - contact Liz Turner
Iconaut is a device for browsing interrelated time-based data in a pictographic interface. Our first prototype was based on the Harper's Weekly Review, and can be seen online at
We are developing the model for new use cases, introducing the possibility of direct editing of content and iconography by users. An Iconopedia online!

INDG Digitale Communicatie - contact Frans Vriesendorp
INDG specialises is 3D visualisations and 3D applications. We work with an international team of 30 employees for clients such as Philips, HetRijksmuseum, KLM, KPN and a variety of advertising agencies.

Lelylines - contact Antoinette Hoes
Internet, as advertising, is an orgy of choice. Ways to engage your customers are changing fast. There may be no maps for these territories yet. At Leylines we chart courses in this complex digital world.
Leylines is an independent online strategy & media company in Amsterdam. We develop remarkable customer strategies for our clients, measurable strategies that are in line with the overall course of an organization, brand, service or product.
We help companies and brands realize their goals through:
Online strategy , Business development, Online media strategy, media buying, media execution and Campaign Optimisation
Our Dutch bureau profile can be found @ Pitchview

Lemon scented tea - contact Gijsbrecht Vijn
Lemon scented tea is an international communication agency based in Amsterdam. Lemon scented tea develops brand stories. Our believe is that consumers today increasingly determine their own media behaviour. Instead of making static brand campaigns people have to look at, brands should create brand campaigns people directly relate to. This way the people will do something with the campaign and they will share it with others. In this case the campaign will gain strength itself. We call this ‘Creativity that travels’. To set up a ‘travel’ brand story we let advertising, design, interactive en PR come together in one campaign. This way we can create an overall brand based on positioning, proposition, design, communication and activation in a relatively short period of time. Our recent clients are for instance Gazelle, FNV Bondgenoten, Heineken Int., JTI Int., Adidas, Hogeschool van Amsterdam and Jeugdtheater de Krakeling.

Made by Sofa - contact Dirk Stoop
Beautiful, user-friendly software begets happy users. At Sofa we strive to delight people with great interaction models and stunning interface design. We love the Mac and the web, but have experience developing for other platforms as well.

Muonics - contact Theodore Watson
Theodore Watson is an artist and researcher working with interactive
systems. He has worked on projects with famed director Michel Gondry and the Graffiti Research Lab and has shown his work at ICHIM, Ars Electronica, Eyebeam, OFFF, REMF, Deitch Projects, Montevideo, Gogbot and the Creators Series. He is currently developing the free opensource project openFrameworks, which is a cross platform environment for writing creative code and is used to make the Laser Tag laser graffiti system. | new media solutions - contact Gijs Garcia Bogaards offers you the expertise and experience to help you reach your crossmedia marketing, communication or research goals.
Our down to earth approach and integrated use of expertise in the field of conceptdevelopment, usability, graphic and webdevelopment guarantees effective and attractive products that can stand the test of time.

New Media Trix - contact Patrick Nijman
New Media Trix have already been specialised in 3D-Animation for 10 years. We have, among others, worked on Cafe de Wereld and Sprookjesboom and provide 3D-Content for television production as well for B2B and B2C. We feel that Real-time Character Design is one of many next steps in computer-human interfacing and to accomplish our vision we work together with authoritative companies in the field of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

One-o-niners - contact Jente Kater
One-o-Niners is developing and implementing creative radioformats for the internet. It can be done for existing media, but particularly for brands and companies who are believing in the power of a brandexperience.
Branded Radio: extend the time-on-site, expand the number of sitevisitings, double the impact. And above all - full scaled integrated in a webproduct. That is the strength of One-o-Niners.

SmadSteck - contact Matthijs Kneppers
SmadSteck specializes in real-time interactive sampling technology. We provide the technical basis of the various audiovisual sampling projects initiated in the context of Sample madnesS.

Soepel - contact Mattijs de Valk
Soepel is a full-service web game company with a talented team, which
creates tons of cool games for marketing, education and entertainment
purposes. Besides web games, Soepel also designs and develops websites, 2D and 3D animations for whoever wants to get their product noticed. The translation for Soepel in English (which is a dutch word) would be 'supple'.....

Urban Alliance - contact Matthijs ten Berge
Urban Alliance is an office for turn-key mediatecture projects in which architecture, design and new media are united. For more information:

VicarVision - contact Menno Israel
VicarVision, located in Amsterdam, statutory name: Vicarious Perception
Technologies BV, develops computer vision systems for perceiving people
like we do: who they are and what they do. VicarVision's FaceReader is
one of the first -and best- systems for reading a persons emotional
expression -as well as other facial features- in real time. De
LookingBackScreen demonstrates interactive narrowcasting: FaceReader and other systems register the behavior of people watching a screen and the presentation on the screen can react to the perceived behavior.

Wizzi - contact Annet de Graaf
“The important thing is not to stop questioning” - Albert Einstein
Wizzi is a videostage for questions and ansers in a game setting. Wizzi users can ask all kind of questions by video and the most creative and or funniest video answers are rewarded by voting. Game mechanics will support the active commitment and rich experience of Wizzi users.
Wizzi is not a YouTube clone or a MySpace imitation, Wizzi is an exclusive stage for showing and scouting talent. Everyone has skills and needs the opportunity to express that in a fun environment. At Wizzi you can show that you are trendy, smarty, tasty, funky or sexy. Through a unique combination of game, bizz and tv Wizzi makes a difference.

xmediaworks - contact Joke Witteveen
xmediaworks produces serious games
xmediaworks translates the concepts and technologies from the digital
entertainment and gaming industry into serious games for non-entertainment environments:
education, healthcare, business, non-profit organizations.