Advertisers In The Driver's Seat

Dutch Language Meeting

Advertisers in the Driver's seat!

The unique interactive (TV) platform of BVA , called IDBC, will share the learnings of the first interactive TV advertising (i-Ads) in Holland-live demo's-.

And there is more:

Outstanding experts will share their expertise and vision about current and new crossmedia developments; like mobile advertising and serious gaming. TNO will demonstrate their revolutionary innovations in technology.
Join our session to experience how the advertisers of today drive to the future in the 6th gear!

During PICNIC'07, the BVA will organise a seminar/workshop for advertisers on new platforms for advertising campaigns. The event will draw upon the research and development work carried out by the BVA.

Time: 9.00 -12.00 am

Afza Kalaykhan

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