Beyond Co-Creation Special

PICNIC '09 Special

Co-creation is everywhere. It seems almost as if any interaction is nowadays labeled co-creation. Is co-creation merely the exchange of any value or should we stick to the idea of end users pooling their intellectual and creative assets in a pursuit of a common goal? Is the universal embrace of co-creation jeopardizing its potential?
And what about this potential? What is the reality behind the so-called best practices? Are these merely a cosmetic makeover of a traditional suggestion box? Do you really become part of a collective creative process? Do you have any say in the outcome? Are organizations really prepared to deliver their part of the co-creative bargain? We will illustrate these points with some very interesting business cases.

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During the Beyond Co-Creation Special we will work collaboratively on a business case and explore ways where this organisation could allow customer self-direction.

This special is organized by the European Centre for the Experience Economy in cooperation with Favela Fabric.