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As of August 2012 I am projectmanager of exhibitions - at Mediamatic Foundation - and curator for 'Ruilen', an extensive project, exhibition and series of events based on non-monetary exchange.

In 3rd person

Katayoun lives in Amsterdam and works as a translator, editor, writer and cultural producer with a socio-political approach in forming an aesthetic argument.
Since 2006, Katayoun has collaborated on international projects and exhibitions in different places as a writer, researcher and programmer. Most recently, she worked as research associate for the GDR (Grand Domestic Revolution) exhibition at Casco.
Born in Tehran, Katayoun became a Dutch citizen at the age of 7 and was raised in Friesland. She studied photography and audiovisual design at KABK in the Hague and graduated from the University of Leiden with a major in Art History and Philosophy (2008). After her studies, she lived in Berlin for one year, then moved to Amsterdam.
Also, incidentally, Katayoun enjoys a paradox, cinema, post-modern dance theatre and caramel ice cream. Cats and the plant family Cactaceae form a great source of inspiration in her daily life.


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