Service partner PICNIC '09

Mobypicture enables its users to share their mobile adventures realtime with their friends. Moby distributes mobile content (photos, video, audio and plain text) to all important social websites. With Moby you can send your content instantly to Twitter, Jaiku, Hyves photoalbum, Hyves WhoWhatWhere, Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube and many many more platforms. Check !

Setup a account to get your pictures, video and audio easily transferred towards the Live Report (and to any other destination by the way: e.g. your flickr, wordpress, tumblr, twitter, social network, etc.). Send your Pictures and Videos to Mobypicture, no need to tag them btw. the Moby machine will do that for you. If you have other ways of posting to Youtube and/or Flickr, please be sure to tag your content with 'picnic08' to get your content aggregated.