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Mobypicture lets you share your adventures. It enables users to post mobile content directly to all their social networks. The PICNIC08 Live report is an initiative by Mobypicture (and and Hypernarrative) to aggregate photos and thoughts from PICNIC participants directly from Moby, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Vimeo, YouTube and many other blogs from one click.
More info on: is the first tinyurl service for locations.
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Toading is the search engine marketing technology for advertises who want to put the long tail in the picture. Toading provides incredible high conversion rates for advertisers like: KLM, Neckermann, Sudtours and many others.
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Startpix is taking social bookmarking to the next level. By adding visualization and nice sharing options it becomes intuitive and very convenient.
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Van develops cross media applications for various companies, both big and small.
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I'm attending PICNIC09 to meet new people with the same mind set and hope many great ideas will come from that.

Motto: if you don't plant your ideas they can never grow