Salon “Bol = Tulp”

Public Campaign Art Interventions

25 feb 2010

An evening of performance, lecture, seed planting and visual bombardment of an artistic and activist nature. Foundland presents speakers, artists and a campaign strategy company in preparation of the "Counter-Campaigning Workshops" being held at the Mediamatic Bank.


Bol = Tulp - Foundland


Merijn Oudenampsen (NL) and Luisa Lorenza Corna (IT) have in common that they both research populism, with particular attention for populist visual strategies. They will discuss the use of posters and videos in recent populist campaigns, such as the Swiss anti-mosque campaign, the Geert Wilders election campaign, and the Italian Lega Nord posters. Merijn Oudenampsen is sociologist and political scientist, Luisa Corna is researcher at the design department of the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht.

Open Impact Channel (B) is an advertising company meeting the awareness needs of companies. Dedicated exclusively to the creation of innovative advertising programs, the principal operators, Cox & Grusenmeyer, provide a new avenue of promotional effectiveness. The public space and artistic environment is the playground! The mission is to invent new carriers for advertising by providing an intelligible re-use of existing promotional material.

'We hope for the visionary, the difference, the superb!'

(Open Impact Channel,

Linde Keja & Willem Sjoerd van Vliet (NL) both Rietveld Academy students, talk about DADA and design collective 'Foundland' (ZA, SY, NL) will launch the campaign 'Sunshine is the Best Disinfectant'.


Thursday 25 February, from 8.30 pm. Mediamatic BANK, Vijzelstraat 68, Amsterdam. Entrance 3 euros (for free if you're attending the workshop).