New Kids on the Block

Who is changing television from outside the TV world? In this session, new companies explain their ideas on the future of TV.

Consumer-Generated TV

Presentation on video blogging with examples of how ordinary people have started to document their surroundings and launch their own "TV" programs.

• Gabriel McIntyre, Founder, (the Netherlands)

IPTV models

This presentation will present data and experience from the world's largest network of broadband TV channels including new channels such as Cycling TV and established broadcasters' services such as ITV Local.

• Iolo Jones, CEO, Narrowstep (United Kingdom)

Online Video-Sharing Services

Revver allows users to upload video clips and earn revenue from advertisers. Revenue is based on clicks and is shared by Revver and the video creator.

• Ben Cerveny, CCO, Revver (United States)

Video Search

Dabble is a recently-launched company that aims to be "the most comprehensive search and remix community on the planet" by assisting users in organising, searching, tagging, describing, promoting and remixing video.

• Mary Hodder, CEO, Dabble (United States)


Rocketboom is a three-minute daily vblog (videoblog) which is often presented in the format of a newscast, usually with a comedic slant. According to Wikipedia, by the spring of 2006, Rocketboom was receiving a minimum of 250,000 complete downloads per day.

• Andrew Baron, CEO, Rocketboom (United States)

Look at Me Now

Some pioneering broadcasters are developing formats related to the overwhelming desire of audiences to be seen, to contribute and to be stars.

• Gabriele Gresta, Deputy Chairman, Digital Magics Group (Italy)


From a local music stage to a worldwide music channel, Fabchannel's live and on demand music broadcasts showcase a new form of television.

• Justin Kniest, Founder and CEO, Fabchannel (the Netherlands)