Gabe McIntyre


Gabe McIntyre was one of the first professional video bloggers with his company [url XOLO.TV], and is currently the host of the most popular daily tech and internet HD podcast in Europe on [url]
He has taught film and video students at the College of Arts in Utrecht in the Netherlands (HKU) as well as Design for Virtual Theater and Gaming. He has also trained various TV stations digital work flow around the world for Apple.

Gabe has been a speaker or moderator at:
Picnic 06, 07
DLD 06, 07
Le Web 06, 07
Rotterdam Film Festival 08
Monaco Media Forum 07
and many other.
Also known on the interwebs as GabeMac or Bad Mother Vlogger, Gabe does lots of consulting for online media companies and agencies. Such as 180, Jung van Matt, Coca-Cola, BMW Group, and BBDO to name a few.