How to laminate something

A small guide on how to use the lamination machine


Lamination machine -

As you may or may not know, we have a (retro) lamination machine in the office, which can be used to laminate paper.

To start, first flick the "on" switch on the back. Then select the laminate type you want (e.g. "gloss") on the small calculator style buttons on the right (I wasn't kidding about it being retro). Now the machine will start heating itself to the proper temperature. The screen will display the heat needed for this preset. When pressing the "meas. temp." button the display will show you the current heat.
When the green "ready" light is on, the machine is ready to laminate.

Now take a lamination pouch and put your paper inside. Press the "7" button on the machine to select motor speed 7, which seems to work best. Then insert your paper and wait until it comes out the back of the machine, laminated and ready (hopefully).
If the machine jams in this process, press "reverse" to recollect your paper.