Caspar Menkman

Shopping Lists

Dev Camp Day 3

Hayo together with Machiel are in charge of getting the right equipment. They have compiled a list of the numerous hardware shops in and around Amsterdam and get the parts essential to make the projects work to our hackers. This is a short list of the newly bought hardware until now.


getting some sensors -

10x LED Foam Sticks - [Interactive VJ]
These thick long Foam Sticks has been equiped with multiple LEDs. The team is going to also mount them with a infrared light.

3x PlayStation Eye - ikStaar, WOW!
So why not use a normal webcam? Well the PS3 cameras do not auto-adjust brightness and contrast. So basically when you use a PlayStation Eye you get the raw image.

2x Alcohol Testers - Blowing your Sock on!
This is pretty straight forward. They are using these breathalyzers to measure the alcohol ingestion by a participant to determine the color of the sock.

20v 200 mili-ampere adapter - Not in use!

Wikkeldraad - Biting Radios
This copper thread is used as an induction. It will transport the amount of pressure measured to the radio, that in turn will create music.

Curtain Rails (3 meter) + 20/30 Curtain Hooks - multithreaded banjo dinosaur knitting adventure 2D Extreme

Rotating Platform - Blowing your Sock on!
Will be used to rotate the spool of woolen yarn that is used to knit the sock!

2x M12 Mount - ikStaar
They will support the two cameras that will both record and register the blinking process.

Color Markers - Blowing your Sock on!
To color the yarn!