fran gonzalez

sculptor - composer

Passionate about Sounds and Objects

Composer and Sculptor Fran Gonzalez (aka lightingFran) is an artist focused in creating music and soundtracks for Comtemporary Choreographers and Moving Images projects. Playing guitar since 12, studied with JOHN CAGE's disciple JUAN HIDALGO (ZAJ group) and has collaborate with performing artist such as german choreographer PINA BAUSCH.
Fran Gonzalez approach to composition has much to do with that of american minimalists (TERRY RILEY, STEVE REICH) and other seminal contemporary composers such as JOHN CAGE, GYORGY LIGETI and some artist from ECM records such as PAT METHENY, TERJE RYPDAL, JAN GARBAREK...
With a great passion for the modern electronic tools and an innovative approach to composition, his works are in tune with that of Generative and Ambient projects of BRIAN ENO and the minimal aesthetics of Steve Reich and sometimes not far from some eastern sounds of RAGAS or traditional japanese GAGAKU.
"I can use any kind of sound source in my work but I play mainly MIDI-Guitar trigguered sounds combined with GENERATORS: a sort of chance-based compositing algorithms that react to what I play: Everything that sounds is Music!"