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Act like a Guerrilla in Budapest

Holding 1,5 million inhabitants, Budapest looks like a typical large European city, but significant change is occurring within its limits. This change includes building a new metro line, renewing 2 of the 7 huge bridges on the Danube along with many other constructions. There are several zones that are closed down to car traffic (which is heavy) and the chaos gives an appearance of post-war. here, the culture of underground artists tends to focus on the desire to contribute actively to urban renewal. The city has many green zones in the center, but the renewal projects, guerilla street art and gardening is what you find interesting and original. Here you find many young artists and activists collaborating their creativity to make their shared spaces more beautiful - they will serve as your catalysts to making a contribution in Budapest.


Borbála Luca Sarai - self-protrait Borbala Luca Sarai

I'm your guide Borbála and the first thing we're going to do when you arrive in Budapest is to go to Corvin Teto, an open air bar for the underground crowd. Here, you have to taste some Hungarian Fröccs and talk about the guerrilla and urban art projects you want to experience on your journey. More suggestions:

Maros Étterem és
Maros Étterem és is a pub in which you can meet the masterminds behind Critical Mass in Budapest. This alternative group also has a strong link to many guerilla artists and other culture-dwellers. Chatting with these unconventional activists about their green demonstrations, fighting to get more bicycle roads and interaction with urban art projects, the time goes fast.

Rent a bike at Yellow Zebra Bicycle Rental and embark on a tour of Budapest as the people see it! Along your way, keep an eye out for the mock-political street art of the MKKP (the Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party) established in 2006 and still making their mark all over the city.

Another interesting thing you can do in Budapest: Guerilla gardening, which I work for. Wander to Frici Papa Kifőzdéje where you can plant flora atop different street signs around the city. Contributing to the beauty of the city while promoting cleaner air is the mission of my project entitled Ültess, and an afternoon of gardening is just what you need.

Gazsi is a local rap artist and painter. He is the best man to take you to a whirlwind tour of the hottest underground clubs of the city. Be sure to sample the Hungarian specialty drink Pálinka for 3,20€ (never buy the cheaper ones! they are horrible and fake).

Levente Polyak
Another interesting person is Levente Polyak, a young urbanist playing with reconstructionism in the city. He fights daily for a better Budapest and is filled with creative suggestions about how to make this happen! You'll meet him at his studio and he has arranged a tour of the Rust-zones in the 8th district of the city as well as other unexpected points of interest. Levente has a passion for salvaging objects from these deconstructed sites and might enlist your help to keep watch for and collect found objects for one of the Octogon Galeria's upcoming exhibitions.

Make sure you've got enough energy for visiting contemporary art provider, Impex. Here you'll meet Tibor Horvath, a conceptual artist who addresses political issues and criticisms of the Hungarian art life. At Impex, you and Tibor will combine your creativity to come up with a truly clever service project that embodies the artistic contribution you would like to make in Budapest.

to ignore
National Gallery
Vajdahunyad Castle
Inside the Parliament
Museum of Terror

fun joints
Klub Vittula
Jelen (Jazz Club)
Szimpla Kert (Movie and beer)
Mumus (funky arty spot)

energy fuel
Zöldkapu Étterem

1-day bike rental: 8,88€
nagy fröccs: 1,20€
unicum (another specialty drink): 2€

Grand Hostel: 24€
Astoria City Hostel: 18€
7x24 Central Hostel: 20€