Yahya Mekkawi

Techie, Tutor, Translator


Yahya Mekkawi - Yahya Mekkawi

My love for computers helped me a lot pursuing a career in the field of IT (Information Technology), and yet being involved in the Art Scene of Cairo (Egypt) which was something that I have been always passionate about - since I work with music, photography and video on amateur basis.

And I've always been very passionate about working with kids and young people. And it was only last summer (July 2009) that I got this opportunity to work with kids through a summer-camp around the use of FreeOpenSourceSoftware (FOSS) and Online tools to make and publish Music, Video and Graphics.

Also through my involvement with some global web-communities for young people I worked as a translator (English-to-Arabic) and editor for their web-content to help getting more young people from the Arab world involved in those Online communities.

Sociology ... I'd been studying it for a long while now and let me tell you that it was my main reason for fallin' in love with Anthropology and Psychology! :)

I'm still passionate about helping artists and non-profits around how to use Online tools to promote their projects and reach out for more audience.

So I'm in the process of developing a - related - project to address and fulfill those needs since that this is something most of the artists and non-profits - working in the Arts field - are missing around here (Egypt and Africa for sure!).