Alexandra Yakovleva (BR)

Who are you in "the reality"?

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We are still in the process of designing how the questions will look like. But, good news, we have already decided their content! There will be 30 of them and you can think of your answers while walking through the Mediamatic's public garden.

The questions that you will find in our garden are based on Camiel van Winkel’s essay ‘The Myth of Artisthood’.

According to the essay, the artists can be divided into three types. So, we would like to know your opinion: could everyone be classified according to a specific art type? Or everyone is a mixed type of artist?


Frida Kahlo -

The romantic type - is honest, open and universal; thanks to his unbridled imagination, the artist is able to internalise and sublimate even the coarsest material. People that consider themselves romantic artists are free. They are not bound by rules or conventions and normally, never ask anyone for advice. They prefer to follow their own private path that they have created by themselves. Also, if you belong to the romantic artisthood, you really believe that you have a vocation for the art.

The modernist type is based on the negation of the art that is rather confrontational than withdrawn. According to this model, the artist is willing to change the world and break social taboos. If you are modernist, you probably will identify yourself more with the worker rather than the aristocrat.

Finally, the third type dates back to the classical Beaux Arts model. The emphasis of artists of this model lies on the study, practice, technique, methodology, patient dedication and mastery, intergenerational transfer, historical continuity and finally, the accumulation of knowledge. Most of the people that belong to this type are not the unworldly dreamers, but businesslike craftsmen.