Alexandra Yakovleva (BR)

Shine bright like a diamond

Our experiments with the studs

After trying out the paint and the clay, the idea to create something more bling-bling, with golden and silver studs and also some push pins, came up.


Testing with studs - Preparations for the opening of Twijfel Zaaien/Casting Doubt 2015 Alexandra Yakovleva (BR)

Met: Eef Pauw

We thought that it might be interesting to create this unusual mix between two different materials: wooden pallets (totally natural surface) and the shiny metal studs (something absolutely commercial and industrial). It is quite a clash to have in the same place something really heavy and brute next to something with a totally different texture and concept.

So, before we decide to make this experiment our final decision, we would like to ask what kind of reaction you have when you look at our results.

Are you concentrated on the question or it is totally destructing because of the shiny fuss around it? Do you think it pretty? Tacky? Nonsense? Profound?

Please, tell us your opinion, collaborate together with the Realiteit van Theorie!