Müşfik Can Müftüoğlu

Checkers of the Masses

An interactive checkers game with audio-visual content

Checkers game is used as a metaphor for conflict of two sides at a time of awakening with booming social movements all over the world.


Chechers of the masses - from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht display

Checkers of the Masses is an interactive checkers game where two participant play against each other, the installation reacts to the players when they make a move with distorted flashing images directly on the players and morphed audio of the protests. When the game is finished and the players decides to leave, a short compilation of visual footage from protests plays. The audio-visual content is not only from Turkey but from protests all over the world.

The installation is ready to be put together, I only need the following hardware.
- Teensy 3.0,
- Speaker system,
- A table approximately 1 meter each side,
- Two simple chairs,
- 1 Projection machine and a stand to put it on,
- A mac or windows computer system to run the processing application,
- Audio interface, mixer (might not be necessary depending on the attributes of the computer system mentioned above)

I can set this installation up as soon as I am supplied with the necessary equipment. This installation works best if it is dark and somewhat silent at where it is set up. It might be better for its viewing to isolate it a bit from the rest of the space. If that need arises I will need help building a small room with one or two walls and a ceiling.