Gezi game app

A smartphone game-app that brings together the legendary events, heroes, places and villains from the Gezi park resistance which celebrates the positive and humoristic spirit of Gezi.

General idea:
Make an informative yet humoristic game-app that shows the story of the gezi park protests and what followed after in a series of levels and bonus levels joined by text information and links about the true events to support each level and thus inform the player in a casual yet interesting and exciting way.
Or alternatively the game can be purely based on fun and have an “extra’s” option where we implement the informative part and the stories. This way we can maximize the fun without being didactic.

We live in the smartphone age and people tend to spend a lot of their time on them. Reaching them on this medium is a great opportunity and making an app that combines humor with serious information is in my eyes the ideal way to get people interested in the subject.

The Game:

• Game style: The style shouldn’t be too polished, something like the old Super Mario would be great. This way you can still differentiate and make unique characters in the game but it shouldn’t cost too much time to do it.
Also not all the levels have to be in the same style (see level ideas).

• General game ideas:
o The game should start in Gezi park.
o You can unlock famous characters from the protests (standing man, red dress girl, Carşı, Redhack etc.)
o Legenda list explaining what is Toma, Poma etc.

• Specific level ideas:
o Poma vs Toma – A streetfighter style inspired level where the famous Poma fights the infamous Toma.
o Istiklal street run and avoid game – A crappy version of temple run where teargas canisters are to be avoided for example
o Penguin bonus level – A level where you play curling with penguins trying to shove them as close as possible to the red dot against the PM or shoot the penguin as far as possible (some of these games exist already)
o Redhack level – A level where you have to hack a website in a puzzle game
o Drone level – Flying with the filming drone trying to avoid bullets from the police. A reversed space invaders style?
o Guitar level – Guitar hero style level where you stand as the guitar guy in istiklal street and by playing the song correctly you keep the police at bay. (Song idea; Duman, Capulcu vai vai etc)
o Pots and pans level - ….
o Rodents bonus level – Rodents coming from garbage bins and you have to tap them?
o Brick Barricade level – Tetris style level
o Run from the police level – Pacman style run from the police level (when you eat the special you turn into poma or naked man and eat the police
o Talcid man level – Find the people affected by gas and spray them with the right anti acid.
o Catch the gas level – Catch the gas canisters in your water bottles and close them to avoid the gas from spreading

What are we looking for:
- People who want to help with the concept creation
-People that are experienced with making apps and games
-Basically everyone that is enthousiastic about this proposal is more then welcome to join!

Everything is open for discussions and more ideas are always welcome!

Note for Planning & Budget:
I only need people with experience in programming apps for Android or IOS who would want to spend their time in developing this app with me.
No special budget at this current stage is required.
Timeline: Currently I am working on this project alone, and will work on it with my own pace unless more people will join.


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