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Fantaman Productions y Matelisto Contemporary Movements


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Fantaman Productions y Matelisto Contemporary Movements


The non-profit organization “Fantaman productions y Matelisto Contemporary Movements” was created in 2006, in Brussels-Belgium by the initiative of the Belgium visual artist Filip Van Dingenen (Diest, 1975) and the Argentinean dancer/choreographer Barbara Pereyra (Buenos Aires, 1979)
The objectives of the organization are investigation/development in the fields of visual culture and performing arts and the production/realization of social, artistic and educative projects in Europe and South America.
Filip Van Dingenen has been working and creating projects since 2001. His lasts projects are: Zoonation;
Public installation ‘Snorkelzone’ (in the city of Leuven) with collaboration of Argentine Choreographer Barbara Pereyra; ‘Flota Nfumu’ performance & drawing intervention with Argentine Choreographer Barbara Pereyra, Centro Cultural España Bata, Equatorial Guinea and Permanent Public installation in ‘Ganshoren’ Brussels
Barbara Pereyra has been working in Europe after seven years .She participates in dance/theatre laboratories working and creating at the side of international companies. Since 2005 she started to create and choreograph her own pieces (PARTS/Roas Summer Studios Residencies, Danscentrumjette, Les Bains connective), she has been working also abroad in: London, Berlin, and Paris. Since 2006 she coordinates and creates artistic projects for the non-profit organization Fantaman Productions y Matelisto Contemporary Movements vzw/asbl

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