Spaghetti Forever

presents Pasta Fresca Con|Taste

10 feb 2012

A gastronomic ritual by Giuseppe Licari at RAW Art Fair


Spaghetti Forever - La Giostra - Tent Rotterdam, 2010 - Spaghetti Forever - La Giostra - Tent Rotterdam, 2010 Aad Hoogendoorn

Cooking is cool but cooking with other people is just spectacular! Especially when you get to share stories, memories and experiences and you learn to prepare amazing recipes you had never even known they existed.
If you enjoy pasta in every way but you think that it grows on trees, this is the place to be: Spaghetti Forever will let you know how to prepare your own fresh pasta and taste the unexplored wonders of original Italian sauces.
In this con-taste you will find out what enjoying pasta truly means!

Giuseppe Licari is an Italian artist and a genuine gastronome, willing to share his secrets on how preparing food serves as an adventure that brings people closer.

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