book: Joost van der Steen

How I learned to stop worrying and love the amount of stuff I collect

O.K.Collections, first issue of O.K.Periodicals/summer 2008

The COLLECTIONS issue shows amazing collections and has indepth interviews with adventurous collectors, exclusive illustrations & photography and themed writings all made by creative talents. All they did was responding to our call for art and we selected the best!

What to expect?
Collections range from fast-food cutlery, compulsive hoarding interiors, death metal band logos, Fionas, butterfly wings, missing cat posters, airplane vomitingbags, historical flying saints, found photos, a huge sneakers collection, matchboxes world-record, 2000 salt-and-pepper-sets to cross-bred animals.

Bob van Dijk, Lust, Christel Ooms, Daniel van der Velden, Emily Darnell, Kindra, Murphy, BibliOdyssey, Vitorre Baronim, Scanner, Nives Widauer, Theun Karelse
& more...

O.K.Collections, first issue of O.K.Periodicals/summer 2008
ISSN: 1876-2395