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Harry Merry, singer/ songwriter extra ordinary first performed in 1996, after over 5 years of experimenting on his keyboard in his attic. Harry started taking piano lessons when he was only 8 years old, but it took him a long time before he was satisfied enough about his music to take it to the stage.
Harry is influenced by both sixties beat as well as seventies glam rock, rock ‘n roll, rhythm and blues, schlagers, Latin, French chansons, classic and modern music, Slovenian pop and Serbian turbo folk.
Harry likes to experiment with discords and strange registers, making music not everyone can follow let alone appreciate. Hey; love it or hate it!!

After Harry’s first first performance in Ro-Town Rotterdam back in 2001 a lot of gigs followed in about every club and bar in Holland that would book him. After his initial performances Harry toured throughout Europe. Countries like Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, France, and England. After that it was America’s turn. In 2004 Harry played in California, Texas and Louisiana on his first tour in America.

Tocado-Records spotted Harry while he was playing in Waterfront Rotterdam. Back in those days Tocado-Records was a pure punk label, but after the Stoma sub label from Tocado was founded Harry was approached to release an album with Tocado-Records. The cd that was called: “Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve got me into” was released in October 2004. Harry got a lot of revues from many local and international magazines and webzines. The reactions where either extremely enthusiastic or totally rejecting, as was expected….

In the meantime Harry put together a band that’s called “the must”. The must consists of Wouter van Wijk and Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva from Stoma/ DooDoo’s Coffee on the drums and bass and Martin Ruiten from Cheech Wizard/Firetime on the guitars.
The band has already recorded 4 songs under supervision of the London producer Tony mc Adam. The songs will soon be released on 2 singles by Tocado-Records. More recordings shall follow and soon you can book Harry Merry and the must.

Mean while Harry has a new cd released called The Shunt. Harry’s first cd was a cd with old and new songs that reflected Harry’s unique sound and where it came from, but on the second album Harry has made a clearer choice about his direction. The new songs are really catchy and more comprehensible for the general listener. Harry has big successes with his new set list; his fans already recognized the songs even though the cd hasn’t even been released. The new sound of Harry is that catchy.
Soon there will be a video clip from the song ‘The appetite gets satisfied each bite’. This is the first single of the Shunt album…

- Since the release from the first album Harry did 4 tours all over Europe and toured the U.S.A. twice as opening act for Quintron and miss Pussycat.
After the release of his second album called Tee Shunt, Harry did a third tour through the U.S.A. from June 28 till September 3 2006.
- Harry performed on the prestigious Noorderslag showcase festival. You can find a link to the video of this performance on the Harry Merry website.
- The cd ‘Well here’s another nice mess you’ve got me into’ was nominated for the best album of 2005 by the influencial 3voor12 website of the VPRO broadcasting corporation.
- Harry’s myspace page got over 700 friends in its’ first week and is over 1300 friends since his latest U.S.tour

www.harrymerry.com www.myspace.com/harry9merry
contact Harry Merry at info@harrymerry.com
www.tocado.com info@tocado.com

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