A public space

Our Park project provides an open platform in the spirit of Gezi/Taksim. We come together to be together. We help each other organise events, forums, and actions. Starting Sept 16, we will transform the upstairs of the Mediamatic Fabriek into a park space. Everyone is free to participate, share, and relax.

Join us for this process to share your thoughts (or just listen). We gather at least every Çapulcu Tuesday around 7pm to discuss developments. Take a look at project proposals we’ve had so far.

Here is some background info about the urban uprising in Turkey, a demand for public space and open dialogue.

This project will be running in Mediamatic until 1 Jan 2014. Mediamatic Fabriek, V.O.C-kade 10, Amsterdam.

Promo film explaining the motives of the PARK project. Door:

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