Round the Table: Bio art labs conspiracy

An open conspiracy to promote the development of Bio Art and Design

18 sep 2014

A new league of labs and organizations is emerging that support artists with their work in biology. We're inviting experts for a round the table meeting about the future and collaborations within the bio-cultural field. This meeting is set up as an open discussion and exchange of thoughts. What are the upcoming plans and activities? How to create more awareness concerning bio-art, science and design in both government and industry?


Moss table - The body of the table is made from ABS plastic. The lamp shade and top surface of the table are made of acrylic, as are the ‘moss pots’ inside the table. The pots include stainless steel connectors, carbon electrodes, soil, moss and water. Image found on Designboom's website by Alex Driver and Carlos Peralta, together with scientist Paolo Bombelli, all of them from Cambridge University.

Thursday 18th, 11:00
This event is for invites only, however if you would like to listen-in, you are more then welcome.
Mediamatic Fabriek, VOC-kade 10 (next to Roest) on the ground floor.


How will designing with organisms change our perspective on art, design, food and beer? Find out at Bio-me. 3 Days of workshops, talks, tastings, Fermentology! and the expo Kunstformen Der Natur. This Round the Table is part of the Bio-me program. For further information on the complete program, visit