STEIM, Jonathan Reus

Net Acoustics Workshop

Global echoes and local resonances

31 mrt 2012

In this workshop artists Jamie Allen and Bernhard Garnicnig will lead explorations in the acoustic potentials of the physical and networked spaces where we spend our days.


Net Acoustics workshop -


Networks, whatever else they are, are sites of rhythmic, pulsating transfer and reception of signals. These networks have resolutely become the material ‘spaces’ where lives are lead, work gets done and social structures emerge. Although informed by the mechanics and material-genealogies of sound making and formats for sound-packaging, the world wide web remains a “space” without acoustics.

As a material history, we might consider the first use of terms such as “channel” to describe audio routing in the acoustic panopticon designs of Athanasius Kircher. As a contemporary environment, we might consider the internet as an incompletely realized and experienced space, with an unrealized sonic potential. Sound is architecture, the internet a space - the audible can help us understand these new spaces.

We liken network systems to an acoustic environment, complexes of echoes bouncing and re-bounding from transmitter to receiver and back again. At either end of this confluence, exists a physical end-point, conceived and actualized variously as a data-structure, a terminal, a node or a human being. These dynamics are afforded through the matter of a network.

Date: Saturday 31 March, 2012
Time: 11:00 - 18:00
Cost: €20 (payment can be made by credit card or PayPal online, or in cash upon arrival)
Location: STEIM, Achtergracht 19, 1017 WL Amsterdam
Maximum number of participants: 15

Advanced registration must be made for this workshop no later than Tuesday, 27 March. Registration is available online here:


All attendees are required to bring a laptop and (optionally) a portable recorder and battery powered speaker.

The laptop must have Skype and Audacity pre-installed. Skype can be downloaded here: And Audacity can be found here:

If you do not have a laptop computer but would still like to attend the workshop there is a possibility for STEIM to provide a computer for you. If you would like to use a STEIM computer please let us know well in advance so that we can arrange one for you.


Jamie Allen likes to make things with his head and hands. Born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, he is an artist and researcher. He make installed and performance work with audio, video and electronics. His work has been shown internationally – from Eyebeam in New York City to the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology in Liverpool, to SIGGRAPH Asia in Yokohama, Japan. He also likes teaching art and design with technology to other people and hopes that his approach and projects give people access to the most humane, straightforward and droll aspects of the most complex, incomprehensible of technical structures.

Bernhard Garnicnig makes projects in a field circumscribed by art, spaces, sound and technology. In his research-based practice he establishes networked, social, institutional, conceptual, technological, sculptural and audiovisual space-time constellations. These can be observed in physical exhibitions, workshops, performances and on the internet. He recently founded the “Agentur für Agency” and the “Office for Applied Futurology”. He holds a MA in Digital Arts from the University for Applied Arts Vienna (Prof.Peter Weibel). Further studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam. He lives and works in situ and online.