Alie Sonneveldt


Safe money, swap houses

House swapping for a different way of experiencing a foreign country.


Swapping Houses - Who wouldn't want to swap this house?


There are more national orientated websites that offer a stage for house swapping and international providers of this service.


Swapping houses as a way of experiencing a foreign country in a different way. A lot of websites offer services like this. You can offer your own apartment or room and express your wishes for a house abroad or maybe closer to home. You keep on paying your own rents, but live in some else’s house. This service is convenient for holidays, but for instance also for internships or other short-term stays abroad.


Swapping not just as a way of saving money, but it also gives a different way of experiencing a foreign country. You are not just a tourist anymore, you become a citizen for a little while. Here again the experience of swapping brings something positive into ones life.