Art installation Efe

Stigma Tunnel

A tunnel where the traveler is exposed to all the ugliness that protestors have been branded with

A dark place transmitting all bad emotions born from the adversity, alienation and branding that the gezi protesters encountered gradually by their government and it's supporters.


Visualization Stigma Tunnel - Efe

A small tunnel 150cmx220cm and approximately 10m long. The inside is dimly illuminated to draw attention to specific objects in the tunnel such as the screens playing back video segments and a few key quotes and pictures and to set the atmosphere. The 5 screens alternating left and right throughout the tunnel will play back edited video loops of media coverage of provocative and offensive scenes and speeches contesting the protesters position and their very identity. The visitor's movement through the tunnel is tracked by ultrasonic depth sensors and/or photoelectric sensors. Impulses from these sensors control the illumination levels and video loops inside the tunnel to give a more responsive experience and give the feeling of being followed. Just before the exit of the tunnel a fog machine will simulate gas.
At this point it's a very interesting option to explore the possibility of making a smooth transition into Hande's resistance cube.


Cem Demirci has an extensive media collection to put to use (videos, photos etc.)

I am in contact with a few photographers who have been in Istanbul during the protests. They want a face to face before making definite arrangements/committments, however.

Guclu Bigay has offered his expertise to edit the footage to be shown in the tunnel


I'm collaborating with SharonS on the sounds to be played within the tunnel. She has some great recordings from our protests in amsterdam, and has made some tracks that set the perfect mood for the tunnel's purpose. We couldn't exactly talk out the details yet, but we scheduled a team meeting to discuss the last bits and pieces and get started.

Building the Tunnel

I will build the tunnel with the help of volunteers from within the group. Building and painting the tunnel can be done within 10 days.

Jammin is waiting for appproval to start bulding a system prototype to be built in the tunnel.

The whole building process might take up to 20 days from start to finish

Materiallist & Budget

87m of support beams 10x10cm, approx. 550€
65m^2 of exterior sheathing (spaanplatten), approx. 300€
Curtains, approx. 120€
Spray paint, approx. 140€

Tools: whatever we have available at mediamatic, crowdsource the rest as needed

Roll of hook-up cables (still looking for price)
Sensors (still looking for price; rather cheap)

From mediamatic:
5 lcd screens
Arduino uno micro-controller
Bread board
Usb cables, VGA/HDMI cables and splitter
Cable cutter, pliers
Access to printers