Workshop: Camera spoofing, Kinect hacking and more


2 apr 2014

Engage in a game between your computer, your webcam and yourself. Be a boss and create your own tools to physically control your computer. Our favorite Famous New Media Artist Jeremy Bailey will teach you how to do that by hacking existing software. By the end of the day you'll have made your own, software reality.


Future Of Television - Jeremy Bailey


This workshop will include an introduction to the Max creative programming environment, software tactics for camera spoofing, online video platforms and an introduction to recent computer vision techniques (including instruction on depth sensing cameras like the Kinect necessary for skeletal tracking and 1:1 facial gesture mapping.) Participants should have at least some basic comprehension of computer programming.

Don't forget to bring your laptop!!

About Jeremy

Jeremy Bailey is a Toronto-based Famous New Media Artist whose work explores custom software in a performative context. His work is often confidently self-deprecating in offering hilarious parodies of new media vocabularies." (Marisa Olson, Rhizome)

More information

Participation costs are € 70 incl. VAT. The workshop takes place at Mediamatic Fabriek on Wednesday April 2 from 10:00 to 16:00 in the Faceless exhibition. You can buy your ticket(s) via this link. Contact Deborah Meibergen if you have any questions.

This workshop is part of Faceless, an exhibition from 26 January - 13 April 2014 on seduction, surveillance and privacy.

Published on Nov 2, 2013
Software designed to empower all women created in collaboration with my wife Kristen D Schaffer.

Created on the occasion of The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale
for the Eternal Internet Otherhood Pavilion curated by Lorna Mills. http://www.theeternalinternetotherhoo...

Thanks to Kyle McDonald for FaceOSC and to Quartier21 at Museums Quartier for their support.

Video found on YouTube. Door: Jeremy Bailey


Colours Of The Spectrum - Jeremy Bailey


Jeremy Bailey doing his magic -


Camera Spoofing, Experimenting, having fun! -