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Francesca works at CITIES Foundation. CITIES ( is an independent research organisation focusing on urban development issues. It is committed to unlocking social potential by connecting, and sharing experience between, the professional, trade, policy, academic and community sectors.

CITIES' is committed to interdisciplinary working and disseminating knowledge in wholly innovative ways, creating new tools and processes that can deliver real benefit to end-users.

CITIES the magazine is also curator of FARMING THE CITY – THE BOOK, a book about using food as a tool for urban development, published by Trancity*Valiz.

Local food systems have the potential to catalyse change: community-based food production, processing, distribution and consumption initiatives can work together to improve economic, environmental and social outcomes. Taking this approach, Farming the City approaches the relationship between food and the city in a holistic way. This book represents their efforts to create shared visions, a shared vocabulary, and a degree of cohesion between individuals and organisations that traditionally do not interact well. Cultural change at this level is risky, and much is at stake; raising awareness and discussing the issues is always a necessary first step.

You can find a preview of the book here.

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