Peter Oei

Program Manager Horticulture Innovation at SIGN


Eminent visitors in the aquaponics greenhouse - Eberhard van der Laan, mayor of Amsterdam, with stadsdeelvoorzitter Boudewijn Oranje during their inspection visit to Dijkspark. Here meeting Peter Oei, initiator of the GreenNest gallery, underneath the flowering nasturtium in the Mediamatic greenhouse. Xiang Yu Yeung

Peter Oei has been the program manager for greenhouse horticulture at LNV since 2006 and works in that capacity on SIGN's work program. Peter drives innovation with SIGN and connects innovative growers, auction, trade, builders, project developers and advocates.

Until 2006 Peter worked for 10 years for Rabofacet and Rabobank Nederland. His last position there was program manager at the Corporate Social Responsibility Directorate. His responsibilities included energy management, sustainable building, sustainable procurement, sustainability at Rabo Real Estate, the Soil Sanitation Fund and marketing sustainable financial services to small and medium-sized enterprises. He is the founder of Stichting Milieunet, a consultancy for nature and environmental education, and of Stichting Onderwijs en Milieu.

An ideas man at heart, in his scarce free time he specializes in the cultivation of exotic mushrooms such as shiitake and King Oyster mushroom. He gave courses on this subject at 'De Kleine Aarde' and is the author of the book 'Mushroom Cultivation', which has now had its third update.

Read his text on Small Scale Mushroom Cultivation here.

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