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Co-founder, Necro Enema Amalgamated, producers of the BLAM! cd-rom series.

Founder & President, Swensonia Inc. - consulting for curious industries: artists, inventors, technologists, depraved publishers, poets, writers, designers, media companies, agencies, seekers, the troubled--and the totally screwed.

Singer-songwriter: Mr. Swenson: The Sensuous Man.

Swensonia’s range is expansive. Our history dates back to 1992 as the co-founder (along with Supervert 32C) of Necro Enema Amalgamated (NEA), producer of BLAM! CD-ROM series. BLAM! was proclaimed the “first CD-ROM experimental magazine” by Steven Heller in Graphic Design Timeline: A Century of Design Milestones and proclaimed "the Marilyn Manson of multimedia" by Time Out New York.

What those who were alive in those days most often remember is that BLAM! included the interactive media world’s first fully functioning behavioral profiling engine (the progenitor to today’s web-based user profiling and tracking technologies), generating ear-splitting and eye-bleeding motion graphic advertisements as well as “punishment pieces” for user behaviors the creators judged according to specific profiles. We believe that NEA literally invented this form of advertising as well as the interstitial -- and malware (since BLAM! would indeed, take over the user’s computer and alter specific software settings)!

These techniques shocked and amazed the first generation of interactivists and so inspired advertising giant Jay Chiat that he invited us to consult for Chiat-Day’s (now TBWA/Chiat/Day) fledgling new media department. Further, BLAM! was featured in exhibitions at premier art museums including The Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris) and The Museum of Contemporary Art (Australia), and featured on MTV and publications such as ArtForum, Wired, ID, eye, New York Magazine, Lingua Franca, Neural, Morph’s Outpost, Blender, Village Voice, World Art, Mediamatic, etc.

Today, Swensonia Inc. provides a wide range of services to creative entities across the globe, extending our history of innovation and experimentation, practicing subliminal semiotics while applying best practices in program and project management, communications and product design.Swensonia Inc.

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