DD Cordials

Be civilized, serve cordial.

DD Cordials makes fresh, natural, homemade syrups to mix into lemonade, soft drinks and cocktails.

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A selection of DD Cordials - some of the great flavours of DD Cordials DD Cordials

With all the creativity and diversity in gastronomy there is a great possibility for soft drinks but the big brands still largely dominate.

In the current fashion of DIY and craft products, DD Cordials creator Leslie Dronkers wanted to make a drink with fresh and natural products, cane sugar and the best suppliers.
One of the main concepts behind DD Cordials was rediscovering the origins of soft drinks before the big brands took over. With great success DD Cordials make soft drinks that taste again how they were invented, and are more like lemonade for adults.
The syrups are designed for soft drinks with sparkling water, but are also great for cocktails, such as special G & T's, or even desserts.

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