Who presented at the Beauty Parlours?

17 January Beauty Parlour # 1: Kick Off

- George Beentjes - Interesting applications of injectables, www.mandragora.nl
- Katja Novitskova - Introduction on self representation, del.icio.us/katjanovi

14 January, Beauty Parlour # 2: About Self Representation He You Me

- Mattias Duyves, lecturer of the University of Amsterdam - International school for Humanities & Social Sciences. He You Me. Mirror, scenario and mask. Narcissus & Dorian Gray.
- Katja Novitskova - more on self representation and social networksites del.icio.us/katjanovi
- Marco Ugolini, Student Sandberg institute, www.jesuismonreve.org/icons and www.jesuismonreve.org/icons/info.htm

31 January, Beauty Parlour # 3, About Self Representation in a two way system

- Niels van Doorn, PhD student en junior lecturer Communication Science UvA
- Nick + Phil, Rietveld Art Academy, on their project Multi.Inter.Ation. (Multiple Internet Ambiguations)

7 February, Beauty Parlour #4

- Koen Vanmechelen (BE) - on the Cosmopolitain Chicken

14 February, Beauty Parlour # 5, About Classical Self Representation

- Kasia Rypinska (PL) - on 17th century portaits
- Christopher & Aline, Rietveld Art Academy students: Digital Gravestone

21 February, Beauty Parlour # 6: I Avatar

- Pighed, on his most recent book: I, Avatar; The Culture and Consequences of Having A Second Life ( www.boar.com/books/avatars )
- Keit & Christoph, Rietveld Art Academy students: Recommendation service.

28 February, Beauty Parlour # 7:

- Mouchette, the online virtual character has an unusual status of existence. www.mouchette.org
She is the author and the creation at the same time, and yet through her remote internet life she remains invisible, anonymous, genderless, untouchable, neither alive or dead.
The participants of her interactive website confide in her in the most intimate way, because she am an imaginary being, living in their own head.
- Staffan Björk and Ayumi Higuchi swap identities
"Swap Me" is an online service where you can swap your digital identities with someone else for a certain amount of time.

6 March, Beauty Parlour #8

- Elsa, Rustan and Stefan present their project: Gift service
- Chris Juta introduces the system of Symfoia, a professional way for people and organizations to work on their self representation.

13 March, Beauty Parlour #9

- Dr. Dorothea Franck: what would Buddha do. When focussing on self representation one can only solve problems that are within ones capabilities of solving, but how to deal with problems that are not?

27 March, Beauty Parlour #10

- Anne Helmond: The Widgetized Self
- Esther Weltevrede: the MacBook Reading Club

17 April, Salon