Paul Groot


V.O.L.V.O. Airbag is the third Mediamatic CD-ROM. Airbag features Pinky, Richard and Lennart, the three faces of V.O.L.V.O.
For a prolonged version of their one-song concept, DJ's who work regularly in clubs in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, London, Ibiza, Rimini, New York, Brussels and Chicago, made different remixes of the original song Airbag can save Lives.

Accompanied by films of multi-talent Yariv Alter Fin, and surrounded by products of V.O.L.V.O. - friends, this CD-Rom gives you the ultimate state in music and dance.

The hype that V.O.L.V.O. generated all over Europe is compacted here on 640 Mb. With the exclusive report on their world tour, and the live performances of Airbag can save Lives at the Paradiso.

This musical experiment, this portrait of the hype-popgroup V.O.L.V.O., this series of the remixes of the song Airbag can save Lives, are all set up in an interactive form regulated by the so-called 'Angels'. These Angels - typical Mediamatic code, already used in the Mediamatic Interactive Promo - are used here for a journey set as film-noir-like experience. This is not a disk with face of an anti-menu like the BlindRom (just awarded the first prize at the Berlin Video festival in the category CD-Roms), nor an image of the hypertext-networking like the DopRom, but a cinematographic experiment.

And be aware: interactivity was never so integrated with your mouse: never let your mouse down,

Try out the possibilities of your mousepad and let your mouse roll…