Jimini Hignett


Suit for a Skeleton

SUIT FOR A SKELETON, can be read in many ways. A simple comfort for the inherent coldness of the bones. A covering-up of the inside as opposed to the outside. A comment on the skeletal posture of today’s fashion models. Or touch on issues of trauma, anorexia, the way that mothers do not really see their daughters, ‘As long as you’re dressed up nice and warm dear…’ Not noticing she’s already become a skeleton.


skeletonsuit.JPG -

Knitting, in alluding to grandmothers, can refer to the way in which trauma, unchecked, is passed down from one generation to the next. The knitting instructions (Cast-on 23, K/P 16 rows, K2tog. K22 add 1, etc) written down during the making of the suit turn out to be a work in their own right, a monument to the hours of finger-blistering knitting that went into to making, and an integral part of the complete work.