Margarita Osipian

Marijke and her Protest Poster

What have people been bringing to our resistance archive?

In this ongoing series, Objects and their People, we'll be writing about our favourite resistance objects, anecdotes and people. Keep up with what is happening in our Pièce de Résistance exhibition space!


marijke groeneveld and oproep tot demonstratie - call for demonstration at Pièce de Résistance - Marijke and her protest poster

A couple of weeks ago Marijke Groeneveld brought in a protest poster she made in 1972, when she was still a student at the Rietveld Academy. The poster was for a demonstration against the destruction of houses in the Nieuwmarkt. Marijke told us how she was asked last minute to make this poster and she had to rush home to draft it up and print it before the demonstration on March 24th. The poster text ("Demonstratie tegen de sloop in de Nieuwmarkt! Vanavond halfacht Westermarkt. Vandaag wij, morgen jullie") can be translated as: "Demonstration against the destruction of the Nieuwmarkt! Tonight seven thirty Westermarkt. Us today, you tomorrow."

Find out more about the poster here, or better yet, come to the exhibition and see it for yourself! You'll find more about the heated Nieuwmarkt riots here.