Humberto Schwab

Innovation philosopher. Idea maker and katalyst. Teacher. Consultant. Conference producer

Humberto Schwab Filosofia (Spain and Amsterdam)
As philosopher and director of EuroLAB active in "rethinking practices".
He is an expert in learning and in designing active learning environments. He is connected with the Gerrit Rietveld Academy.
Humberto Schwab did future designs for government , business and NGO´s.
In the EuroLAB students from different EU countries gather in Spain to explore new ways on urgent societal affairs (
In trainingssessions in Spain people deveop their own philosophy.

Witch EMF films he developed a movie in which kids from Rio, Chicago, Amsterdam and Mumbay philosophize about the future of the globe. This is the start of a new network of WorldLAB.

He gives performances as standup philosopher and organizes mass brainstorms. He transforms meetings into interactive thinking events.

Innovation is developing new ways of experiencing and perceiving ourselves and the world. The essence in all these reflective activities is rooted in collective (emotional) intelligence about our concrete daily life, enhanced by common (Socratic ) dialogue. All members of an organisation should do the thinking.
(methods are socratic dialogue, philosophical analysis, future scenarios, appreciative inquiry). He held philosophylabs in Girona about media and energy. With Mediaguild he did trainings for food industry, MP3 Cannes etc.

His ambition is to get European business and education together in a common challenge to innovate daily learning, working and living, using the strong European tradtitions as ideasources:
to reach a real Aristotelean practice of high tech sustainable life.


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