Customize your t-shirt with Gestift!

Work together with the artist Gestift.

19 Mar 2010
19 Mar 2010

One time workshop with artist Gestift. He'll show you how he works and in a few hours you will produce your own t-shirt in the Gestift style. The shirt is all yours. This event is part of the Great Jerry Springer Rodeo exhibition.


Image taken with permission of Gestift from his blog -



Gestift's style, clearly influenced by popular Japanese mangas and even the American cartoon 'Care Bears', really stands out. His work, although drenched with graffiti characteristics, also has a naive, almost childish style. His big-eyed sweet-looking characters, mostly combined with porn and violence, are very popular, especially among younger crowds.
The world-famous producer Junkie XL is a proud owner of one of Gestift's shirts. You can make a similar one with the help of the artist himself.


Gestift will give a short presentation about his work. He will reveal the technical secrets behind his imagery and explain how to make a stencil. After that, it is up to you: we have a table full of pens, markers, textile paint, spray paint and, of course, a free t-shirt where you can start working on. The workshop takes about three hours.

Information and registration

The workshop costs € 15, including a good quality t-shirt, all materials and our great cappuccinos and teas with cookies. You can pay or pin on the spot.

We'll start at 10.00 sharp. Make a reservation with the pink RSVP button on the top of the page. For questions you can contact Deborah Meibergen.