Salon on Environmental Awareness

20 Mar 2008

An evening on environmental awareness through the visualization of power consumption and CO2 footprint. Featuring Tiffany Holmes, Beatriz da Costa, Michael Mandiberg, Yolande Harris, Esther Polak and Oorbeek.


Eco-visualisatie lecture @ Mediamatic. - Image taken from the <> Tag website .

How can artists translate everyday information visually or sonically? What are innovative artists and designers doing to promote conservation of resources using innovative technology and creative thinking? How can art make us more aware of the kilowatts we consume or the carbon we emit? Can artists significantly inspire observers to be more environmentally sensitive by giving information a particular form or sound? Furthermore, can art increase our ability to analyze and relate spiritually and emotionally to the natural world we live in?

These questions and many more were addressed by the speakers.


19.25 - 19.45 Tiffany Holmes - en
19.50 - 21.10 Beatriz da Costa -

20.15 -20.35 Eco-visualisatie concert by Oorbeek
20.35 - 20.55 pauze

20.55 - 21.15 Michael Mandiberg -
21.20- 21.40 Yolande Harris -
21.45 - 22.05 Esther Polak -

This evening was organized by <> TAG, Den Haag and Mediamatic