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Arduino Unplugged Workshop

12 | 13 | 14 March 2007

12 Mar 2007
14 Mar 2007

Following a very exciting Arduino workshop last November, Mediamatic organizes a new Arduino workshop, this time focused on wireless Arduinos: Arduinos that connects to other hardware through a Bluetooth board.
We are happy to announce that Massimo Banzi (Mr. Arduino) will again be our workshop trainer.
All participants get to design and build their own wireless Arduino project.


Pduino image from Flickr by Alexander Wiethoff -

What and why?

Arduino boards are small physical computing platforms, consisting of a simple I/O board and an integrated development environment. Arduino's can be used to develop stand-alone interactive objects or can be connected to software on your computer.

In this workshop we will have a look at wireless Arduinos, like Bluetooth Arduino's, and also look at programming possibilities with PureData. More information about Arduino can be found on the Arduino website, click here.


During three consecutive days, you'll learn the lay-out of the Arduino board, you'll learn how to connect which hardware to it, and you'll learn the basic programming skills needed for building your own Arduino application. All participants design and build their own wireless Arduino project.


Massimo Banzi a.k.a. Mr. Arduino, assisted by Kostya Leonenko.


Computer scientists, hardware hackers, art students, fabric experts, product developers, nerds, dancers - everyone is welcome. However, note that some technical affinity is required. Some experience in programming and electronics will come in useful, specifically in soldering and java, but is not strictly necessary.